Tobacco and Oral Health

Tobacco and Oral Health

The risk of oral cancers is 5-10 times greater in smokers.

Some of the chemicals present in tobacco smoke can cause genetic changes in the cells of the oral cavity (mouth)  thus increasing the risk of oral cancers.

In oral cancer, there is an uncontrolled growth of the abnormal cells causing a tumour. These cancers generally occur on the tongue, lip, floor of the mouth.

Symptoms of oral ulcers include red/white spots which later get ulcerated if tobacco use is not stopped.

Treatment of oral cancers includes surgery/radiation therapy. In case of cancers which have spread to a great extent in the head-face-neck region; removal of the jaw bone may be required which causes changes in appearance of the face and difficulty in chewing, swallowing and speech.

Quitting tobacco in any form is the most effective measure to prevent oral cancers and the other health risks associated with its use.





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