Tips For Maintaining The Well-Being Of Our Lungs

Tips For Maintaining The Well-Being Of Our Lungs

Tips For Maintaining The Well-Being Of Our Lungs

Let’s expand our lungs to the fullest!

A pandemic or a world without COVID, it cannot be denied how important it is to have a healthy pair of lungs and that how even minute damage to them can cause havoc in the bodies.

Lungs not only extract and absorb the oxygen from all the air you breathe but also dispose of the carbon dioxide when you breathe out. This oxygenation process goes on and on, everytime you breathe. Once the oxygen is purified, it is released into the bloodstream so that it can reach upto various organs and help them function to their fullest!

So, let’s have a look at certain tips that can aid in maintaining the well-being of our lungs.

1. IF YOU ARE A SMOKER, QUIT. Quitting might take time but it’s never too late. Avoid being near or around smoking zones. Passive inhalation is equivalent to smoking directly.

2. Stay Active! Exercise atleast 4-5 times a week. That will not only enhance your body’s outline but will also do the same to the lungs. Any physical activity that increases workload on the lungs and heart, is great!

3. Breathe Deeply! If you have lived by taking in shallow breaths until now, drop that habit and take up deep breathing. Breathing for the sake of it, is only going to stimulate the lungs rather than activating the main inspiratory muscle, the Diaphragm. Everytime you take a deep breath in, make sure your belly rises more than the chest.

4. Improve your posture. More than often, we tend to hunch our backs, while sitting or standing or even walking. The more erect the spine is, the better efficient the lungs get at breathing.

5. Lastly, “laugh your lungs out” ! Laughing is a great workout for the lungs and abdominal muscles, believe it or not.

Don’t let a pandemic teach you the importance of taking care of your health. Prioritise your health!

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