AZAM FC DEFENDER ISMIL GAMBO ‘SSI’ REFERRING TO Dr. Abbas Chopdawala at Inamdar Hospital in Pune

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Azam FC defender Ismail Gambo ‘SSI’ referring to Dr. Abbas Chopdawala at Inamdar Hospital in Pune, India after leg surgery kupanyiwa and laying rooms kufutaia broken several bones. SSI now be visited year-round hockey This is how the rooms which were consecrated unto instead of bones and he recovered will be equal to the defender Yanga, Baobab Twite who appointed rooms also having broken bones SSI being happy after laying steels


Successful Bilateral knee Arthroscopy on Tanzania Patient. Successful Stem Cells Infusion for Multiple Sclerosis on Canadian Patient. Successful Cardiology surgery by Dr Manoj Durairaj on yemen patient.


Dear Jessie,
I wish to thank you and inform you that I had an extremely pleasant experience at Inamdar Hospital during my corporate health checkup.
The tests went like clockwork even though I had landed up on ‘International Doctors Day’. The doctors and the staff were very professional and courteous.
I am now committed to using the services of Inamdar Hospital, for my entire family, always. Also, I shall recommend all my friends as I am really pleased with their services, professional behavior and expediency with which the tests were conducted.
A special word of thanks to Health Check Dept ….who were most professional in their conduct and ensured that all the tests were conducted without wastage of any time.
Many thanks to Inamdar Hospital, for facilitating this wonderful experience.
Date – Feb 2013
MR NO – 33889.

A 45 yrs old female patient Mrs. Sunita Pillay. Married since 10 yrs
She had undergone multiple IUI cycles at various infertility centers. A patient was counselled for IVF and given the option of donor egg IVF. Patient conceived in the first IVF cycle had one intra uterine and one extra-uterine pregnancy. The ectopic was removed laparoscopically and the intrauterine pregnancy continued uneventfully till term. A patient underwent LSCS @ 37 weeks completely & patient delivered a full term female baby of 2.6 kg.
Date – Nov 2013
MR NO-63953

A 28 yrs old female patient Mrs. Rashida Boriawala, married since 6 yrs. A resident at Sharjah (UAE) Had severe male factor infertility.
Husband semen analysis was 3 million/ml. Pt had undergone 3 ICSI cycles outside which failed. She conceived with us in second ICSI cycle. Patient delivered full term female child with 3 kg by LSCS.
Date – Jan 2014,
MR NO 52316

A 33 yrs old female patient Mrs. Mita Naik, Married since 5 yrs with the history of severe male factor infertility. Husband semen analysis was 8 million/ml with 0% Grade IV motility.
The patient had done one ICSI cycle in the US, had twins which aborted@ 14 weeks. She underwent ICSI with us and conceived in the second cycle, had a single pregnancy. Patient delivered full term female child with 3.8kg by LSCS.

Dental Surgery Done By MAXILLOFACIAL SURGEON ( Dr.Deepak Kaul)

A 26 years old male patient from U.A.E. reported to the Dental dept OPD of INAMDAR MULTISPECIALITY HOSPITAL, PUNE, with a complaint of deviation of the lower half of the face associated with severe asymmetry. His face appeared elongated with a severely protrusive lower jaw. Due to this, his upper and lower teeth did not meet at all. Due to his developmental deformity, only one molar tooth was in contact with its counterpart in the opposing arch. This made mastication almost impossible.
In order to treat this condition a “ MANDIBULAR BILATERAL SAGGITAL SPLIT OSTEOTOMY” was planned by MAXILLOFACIAL SURGEON ( Dr.Deepak Kaul). All the required investigations ( pathology and radiography) were done preoperatively. The surgery was carried out and everything went as per plan. Periodic photographic records were taken weekly for three weeks.

PATIENT’S NAME : Mrs. Jayesh Chaudhari

I am writing this email to let you know what a wonderful experience I had with Inamdar hospital, I have never received such a wonderful service by any other hospital, right from my son’s admission to everything that I have experienced till now is just awesome. Everybody was very helpful however I would like to especially thank Hospital Team who made all of this possible i would like to thank you all as everything was so well planned by IMH Team, They made me feel relaxed and i was so stress-free. I felt like at home, IMH Team is an asset to your hospital and in future, if at all I have to use hospital services i would definitely choose Inamdar whereas noble is nearer to my house, I would also refer IMH to my friends and family.

PATIENT’S NAME : Mrs. Kants Kulkarni

I write to thank you and convey my heartfelt appreciation for your services. My mother Mrs. Kants Kulkarni who was operated upon in 2003 for retinal detachment and was having some problem off late.when we brought her to you for consultation and was under your treatment. I would like to pen down my sincere opinion on the way you handle your patients, it is not only good but exemplary.The way you explained to her and instilled confidence in her through your overall approach with a 75 years old patient – with patience and care is worth emulating by the young Doctors of today.You are a”Thorough Professional with a Human Heart.” we have been strongly recommending your name to all our friends and relatives, not only in India but even to those who are overseas.
I wish you all the best for all your endeavors.
Good Luck & God Speed.

PATIENT’S NAME : Moksh Jiwani

This is to appreciate all the efforts and good work and care taken of my son Moksh when he was in picu. I would like to thanks all the resident doctors the x-ray staff especially all the sister who were there on floors.
Thanks Again and keep up the good work it was a great experience at Inamdar.
All Best Wish……………….

PATIENT’S NAME : Dr. JIGNESH DOSHI, Surrogacy Consultant, Patankar Hospital Pune

Your mail is a pleasant surprise to me. I had thought, same as in other hospitals it will be just a formality to take feedback from the patient. I am extremely happy that you have not only accepted the fact that there were some issues but also the immediate action taken for improvement…..great. More importantly informing the patient about the action taken…really….great. . .
This shows how serious and committed Management as well as staff at Inamdar Hospital. Congratulations… very good work..keep it up.


Many thanks for care your team has taken during my wife’s hospitalization, and thanks for really going through the feedback form. I personally feel your hospital is much better than existing big hospitals in Hadapsar, but frankly, here it is news between people that it is very costly affair for general people to go to Inamdar Hospital. Pls try to change this market opinion and as I requested in my form pls try to make at least a small hospital in Hadapsar area, same as existing beautiful services. Thanks again


Your Hospital’s Staff & Doctor give us Best Of Best Service So I cant’ give you any suggestion once again thanks to you & your Hospital staff from Security to Doctor & nurse Staff in future I will suggest to my Friends & Relative for any Treatment to Inamdar Multispeciality Hospital.


It feels great to know, that you have taken immediate corrective steps. I am sure this approach will go a long way in making your hospital, one of the best facilities in town. Much appreciated.


Sounds Good Thanks for taking the suggestion, One thing would like to share as follows.
1) Staff from the front desk to the housekeeping excellent.
2) The service which i got from the staff excellent.
3) The cleanness of hospital excellent.
4) The billing department excellent.


Mr.Rounak Reddy was operated at Inamdar Multispeciality Hospital for Appendicitis Laparoscopic Surgery which was done by Dr.Kshama Kulkarni.
We are completely satisfied with the surgery done by the doctor. As explained by the doctor this is an Advanced Surgery and with minimum pain which as was successfully done. We thank the doctor and Hospital administration for being cooperative at all the time during our stay at Inamdar Multispeciality Hospital.


I had severe pain in the stomach followed by nausea and vomiting. I took medicines for the time being but faced the same problem again within a few days. I was very tensed as my final exams were just 2 weeks ahead. I consulted Dr. Ghiya to which he referred me to Dr. Ashwin Porwal who diagnosed my problem as acute appendicitis. I expressed my concern for the operation that he suggested me at the earliest.
But as Dr. Porwal explained me the depth and severity of the problem I knew it had to be solved at the earliest. I got operated the same day. Dr. Porwal explained me and my parents about the surgery to which I was a bit relaxed as I came to know I would be discharged in 48 hours.
One more concern I had was being at a young age I am used to wearing low waist jeans and the stitches would then show up post surgery. Dr. Porwal suggested me a silicon strip for the same for which I am very thankful.
Even today, remembering those days I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Porwal and the faculty of Inamdar Multispeciality Hospital for the utmost care taken during the hospital stay. Today i live a satisfied and pain-free life !!!


I was suffering from a lot of defecation problem for which I referred to Dr. Ashwin Porwal after reading his article in Times Of India. He diagnosed my problem as Grade 3 piles for which he suggested me Stapler Surgery. I was totally unaware of this surgery. But he explained the entire procedure to me and the main part that relaxed me was ‘ I would be discharged within 24 hours’ and ‘ Would be able to join work from the 3rd day’. Also, I was happy to hear that there would be no cuts and dressings.
Dr. Porwal, his assistants and the entire nursing staff from the day of admission till discharge. I could also have my normal full meal post-surgery. This incidence made me really happy and contended to which I am thankful to Dr. Porwal.
4 months I faced no problems at all. But I started with a new severe stomach pain to which I immediately rushed to Dr. Porwal. I came to know I had appendix problem. Due to past experience with Dr. Porwal, I had complete trust and faith in him for which I asked him to get me operated at the earliest. The laparoscopic surgery was successful.
So here I am living a happy and satisfied life by the grace of Dr. Ashwin Porwal !!!!


I am from Iraq & had come to visit a relative India. Due to change in climate and the location I had a problem adapting to the food habits and lifestyle. I started facing constipation problem with pain & bleeding for which I came to Inamdar Multispeciality Hospital. They referred me to Dr.Ashwin Porwal.
One sitting with Dr. Porwal, I was briefed with my Grade 2 piles problem with fistula that I was facing since the last 6 months. He suggested me to get operated. But I was flying back to Iraq after a week where I would be joinig work again.
I got admitted the next day itself after he told me there would be no cuts so would be no need to come for dressings everytime. I had a wonderful experience during my stay as his entire team took care of me through out my stay. I was also counselled for my diet and lifestyle modification before my discharge by Dr. Porwals assisstant.
Today you can say I have completely been washed off the pain that I was going through. But this entire credit goes to Dr. Ashwin Porwal, his team and Inamdar Multispeciality Hospital due to which I lead this happy life. Thank You !!


I am a woman in my 70’s, staying alone in Pune. I was facing defecation problem since many years. But due to fear of people’s comments I never expressed my problem to anyone.
I read about Dr Ashin Porwal on the internet which made me consult him. After talking to him I felt free and could express all my problems and concerns to him. I was diagnosed as Grade 3 piles with internal Rectal mucosal prolapse, for which he suggested me STARR surgery.
He explained me the entire procedure. I was happy when I came to know there would be no cuts from outside for which I wouldn’t require dressings. Also I would be discharged in 24 hours for which I was very happy.
The operation was successful and I was taken care of by the entire hospital staff and his team till the very end. Being a senior citizen Dr. Porwal gave me special care for which I am very thankful.
I wasn’t aware of this unique surgery for CONSTIPATION . But this has made my remaining life painfree and for this I thank Dr. Ashwin Porwal and Inamdar Multiapeciality Hospital.


I want to appreciate the service provided by the staff which I experienced and acknowledges the best staff person. A ward boy who was on duty yesterday (Date 11th Nov 10, Time : 11.30 pm) took care of bed 804 & 805. I was in bed 805 and that staff was visiting regularly in intervals that whether I need anything. He also was patient, calm and friendly nature with patient 804. Small incident which I noticed was the patient vomited on the person and that wardboy did not utter a word. He did complete the work assigned to him by the patient and then he cleaned himself. Small notice but really very appreciable. Many thanks to him. To all the rest of the staff as well. GOOD JOB.


Hi! Myself Mr. Vishal Vasant Keluskar A/P Indapur, Tal. Mangaon, Raigad first of all I wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous New Year. Sir, my mother Mrs. Vaishali Keluskar is having her treatment at our Inamdar Hospital. She is CA Stomach patient and just now she has completed chemotherapy cycle 4th at our hospital under Dr. Minish Jain/Dr. Satpute/Dr. Wagh. Sir, I really thank Dr. Sameer Badami, who have suggested me to take treatment at Inamdar Hospital. Our all staff is very co-operative and they are doing their best. I am heartly thankful of Dr. Wagh who have co-operated my family everytime.
I also thank Dr. Minish Jain, Dr. Satpute for their kind attention for my mother. Due to your blessings my mother have a great improvement and definitely she will complete her task without any difficulty.
I also thank our PROM Officer Ms. Jyoti Bankar for her kind help.
Sir my family really appreciate your work in the medicine and we wish you the best for your future.
Keep it up and all the best. Hearty thanks.


We are family members of the patient Mrs. Tuba Darvesh who was suffering from multiple chronic disease, who was very dear to us than Dr. Inamdar and all the members of his office staff especially Mr. Sharma for being so kind, generous and considerate in helping us to keep our mother comfortable in the hospital.

We thank Dr. Joshi who is the head of the ICU for the right advice, guidance and medication to our mother. Other respected doctors of the ICU like Dr. Ketan, Dr. Javeed, Dr. Sameer who were also taking utmost care as the subordinates of Dr. Joshi. They would always be there when our mother was in pain in distress.

We also thank all the nurses and brothers of the ICU who were very kind, helpful, pleasant and were always present when our mother needed their help. Especially Sister Annu, Brother Sam, Sister Besi, Sister Shilpa and others.
May go bless all the staff members of the Inamdar Hospital and fulfill all their wishes and may God help them to make Inamdar Hospital the best hospital in India.

1 Mrs.Hanifa Shaikh May God bless you and give long life I am really thankful and privileged to the hospital for giving all the service and treatment from IMH.
2 Prashant. Bhalerao all staff is good and very cooperative
3 Girijadevi. Porwal Good Service
4 Ayush Ravindra joshi Very Good Doctor all staff Dr. Aparna.
5 Pankaja Vishal Rai Thank you for taking feedback.
6 Sarubai Ganpat Kamthe Good Keep it up
7 Akshay. Khutwad Satisfied from services.
8 Minaxi. Thakker Overall Satisfied.
9 Vishal Sambhaji Raskar Thank you very much for your services all the doctors sisters and brothers are very helpful.
10 Omkar. Choudhari We really satisfied about your caring nursing staff unit & patient food.
We extremly satisfied about cleaning of patient room.
11 Neena. Gupta Overall rating is 8 to 9
12 Violet . Lazarus Thanks for the best service, doctors and every body very helpful and cooperative thanks one again

The best in pune.

13 Aarya Ankush Jangawali Got quick service and happy with the services.
14 Pradnya Anand Zende Hospitals are meant to serve people and this should be the only reason to run the hospital and that will make this hospital the best one.
15 Aymaan Jamshir Pathan Extremly satisfied.
16 Neeraj. Saraf Very competent and excellent experience.
17 Shailaja. Mohite All kind of facilities avail. calm and clean hospital.
18 Amrutha. Sakthinarayanan Very happy with the consultant dr. Ashwin Borade & Dr. Umesh Kalani too good caring doctors resident doctors nurses are too good satisfied.
19 Zenobia. Patel Wonderful staff and service, Keep up the good work was very well cared for thank you very much.
20 Stanley Obiora. Ibemere Good services keep it up.
21 Adesh Popat Vyawhare Honestly taking care of patients very much happy and satisfied with the services.