Newer Advances in Total Knee Replacement Surgery by – Dr.Murtaza Adeeb

Newer Advances in Total Knee Replacement Surgery by – Dr.Murtaza Adeeb

Dr.Murtaza Adeeb

Total Knee Replacement [TKR] surgery has become quite common nowadays. This operation is being done for over 4 decades now and there have been tremendous improvements through the years.

The design has undergone quite a few changes and material quality has improved. The manufacturing process has also been streamlined and the sterilization processes have been refined. Operative techniques have been honed in and surgeons are better trained now.

So the question now is that, is there room for further improvement?

The answer is YES.

         1) The basic design of the implant is good and there is a push to get better range of sizes and shapes keeping in mind gender and racial variation

        2) Try and replace less of the joint. Eg.unicompartmental knee replacement i.e replacement of only one diseased compartment of the knee.

        3) There is a trend to try and CUT better. Computer navigated surgery and robotic surgery is helping surgeons take more precise bone cuts with lesser tissue damage.

However, as these things go, there is always a price to pay and the extra cost has to come out of the patient’s pocket. Also, evidence that these newer developments actually have better results is sketchy. So it would be wise to question the surgeon regarding the effectiveness of these newer advances before taking any decisions.

Dr. Murtaza Adeeb


Consultant Orthopaedic & Joint Replacement Surgeon

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