Being the cultural capital of Maharashtra, Pune has a majestic history to tell. Apart from the rich history which can be seen in all the attractions in this city, Pune is also famous for its nightlife. It can be said that you can enjoy both the tastes in this beautiful city. What is even more interesting about this place is that it is considered as one of the fine cities to live in.

A charming mix of the traditional and contemporary, Pune has several tourist attractions. From the Aga Khan Palace with its Italian arches, salons, suites and spacious lawns where Kasturba Gandhi spent the last years of her life to the Shaniwar Wada, the iconic monument of the Maratha Empire, Pune is a history student’s paradise. Being one of the capitals of the Maratha Empire, Pune’s rich history is reflected in its several wadas (or large houses) and temples like the ones at Saras Baug and atop Parvati Hills.

Aga Khan Palace is situated in the Yerwada area of Pune. Sultan Mohammed Shah, Aga Khan III, got the palace constructed in the year 1892. The aim behind the construction of the Aga Khan Palace was to provide employment to the people of the nearby areas, who were hit by famine. Prince Karim El Husseni, Aga Khan IV, donated the palace to India in 1969, in the honor of Gandhiji and his philosophy. Aga Khan Palace is also known as Gandhi National Memorial because of its close association with Mahatma Gandhi.

One of the major attractions of the Aga Khan Palace comprises of the samadhis (memorials) of Kasturba Gandhi (wife of Mahatma Gandhi) and Mahadev Desai (a long time aid of Mahatma Gandhi). Since both of them breathed their last in here, Charles Correa got their built samadhis in the grounds of the palace itself. Gandhi’s ashes are also interred at the Gandhi National Memorial of Poona. Exhibitions are held at the palace on a regular basis to acquaint people with the life and career of Mahatma Gandhi. Get more information on the Gandhi National Memorial of Puna, India.

Shaniwar Wada is situated in Shaniwar Peth, near the railway station of Pune. It is a fort, whose foundation was laid down by Peshwa Baji Rao in the year 1729-30. It took two years to complete the fort and later, many additions were also made to it by the successors of Baji Rao. The amazing architecture of the fort speaks volumes about the competence of the Peshwas in the field of town planning. The entire complex of the Shaniwar Wada comprises of fountains, courtyards, blooming gardens, offices, audience halls and residential quarters

A fire engulfed the fort in 1827 and lasted for approximately fifteen days. The devastating fire led to the destruction of the beauty of the palace, along with all of its artifacts. All one can see now is the huge gate of the fort, with its outer stone walls, bastions and small gates. The main gate is known as the Dilli Darwaja (Delhi Gate), while the other gates are known as Mastani or Alibahadur Darwaja, Khidki Darwaja, Ganesh Darwaja and Narayan Darwaja. However, Shaniwarwada Fort still counts amongst the major attractions of the Puna city of India.

Osho Commune International is an ashram founded by Rajneesh Chandra Mohan Jain, popularly known as Osho. Situated in the Koregaon Park of Pune, Osho Ashram is mainly famous for the meditation courses it offers. Away from the hectic pace of city life, the ashram comes as a welcome relief for the people. Since people come here to heal themselves through self-discovery, the ashram is also known as ‘Spiritual Disney Land’ also. The eight faculties of Osho Multiversity provide a range of courses, each suiting a different type of person.


Lonavla is a city and a hill station Municipal Council in Pune district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is about 25 km away from the Sentosa Resorts. It is famous throughout India for the hard candy sweet known as chikki and is also a major stop on the rail line connecting Mumbai and Pune. For Mumbai suburbs local trains are available from Karjat It is also an important town on the Mumbai-Pune road link. Both the Mumbai-Pune Expressway as well as the Mumbai-Pune highway pass through Lonavla. Lonavla comes to life during the monsoon season as the countryside turns lush green with waterfalls and ponds.

Neelam Kumar Khaire established the Snake Park of Pune in the year 1986, with the help of Pune Municipal Corporation. In 1999, the park was included in the Rajeev Gandhi Udyan. Located on the Pune-Satara Highway, Snake Park is approximately 8 km away from the Pune city. Initially, the park was set up as a home for snakes, reptiles, birds and turtles. However, some time back, a zoo was added to it. Read on to get more information about the Snake Park of Puna, India.

The Snake Park of Pune boasts of being home to more than 160 species of snakes. However, the major attraction of the park is a six-year-old, nine feet long King Cobra. There is also a library inside the park, which has information on almost each and every snake. Festivals and programs are organized on a regular basis at the Snake Park, to spread awareness about snakes and to eliminate the common misconceptions held by the people.

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