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Dental awareness in India is sadly a neglected subject. Dental hygiene is very important for maintenance of overall well being of an individual. Bad oral health is associated with the cardiac disease like endocarditis and can be a complicating factor in uncontrolled diabetics and hypertensive. Regular dental health check-up of your teeth just like your overall health should be included in your routine check-up visits so as to detect problems, at the earliest and thus eliminate them before they become severe or complicated to treat the dental problems.

For routine check-up visit to your dentist will help to detect plaque buildup, cavities etc. This can be treated easily before they cause gum damage or teeth requiring root canals, exaction respectively. Being aware of tooth brushing techniques from your dentist can help maintain the anatomy and health of your tooth without damaging them.

Overzealous brushing also leads to harmful effects. With today levels of stress in our lives, jaw problems are on the rampant increase, EG. Bruxism Leading to TMJ Dysfunction. Many of us insolate knowing the harmful effects of tobacco still continue to smoke and blame stress for it, but it causes not only your entire system but also your teeth is vastly destructive. We at Inamdar Multispeciality Hospital’s dental service department are striving to help you to maintain your oral hygiene and help you improve your oral health.


1. Dr. Kamble Rekha


Doctor’s Name OPD Days Timings
DR. KAUL DEEPAK By appointments only By appointments only
DR. ROBIN JAIN (Endodontist) By appointments only By appointments only
DR. S SUMNATH By appointments only By appointments only
DR. GAURAV GUPTA By appointments only By appointments only
DR. YUSUF CHUNAWALA By appointments only By appointments only
DR. MURTUZA BURHAPURWALA (Prosthodontist) By appointments only By appointments only
DR. MURTUZA AGASHIWALA (Orthodontist) By appointments only By appointments only

Patient Feedback From Dental Department

A 69 years old female and a known diabetic patient reported to the Dental Department at IMH Pune with recurrent pain and pus discharge from the left side of her upper jaw. It was diagnosed as severe Osteomyelitis of her upper jaw which involved part of the maxillary sinus also. Dr Deepak Kaul (maxillofacial surgeon) performed the surgery. At regular follow ups patient was free of all the pus discharge and pain. Now the patient is finally cured after almost a year .

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