Unicondylar Knee Replacement – Dr. Dhariwal Qaedjohar

Total knee replacement is an excellent surgery. It has evolved over the decades to become one of the most successful procedures in all of medicine. Patients are cured of pain and disability. They regain their ability to walk normally, without a limp or support. They can resume living normal lives again. Without surgery, they are stuck in a rut of suffering and handicap with lifelong dependency on kidney destroying medicines. However, total knee replacement comes with a bag of its [...]


AVN [Avascular Necrosis] of the Hip Joint by – Dr.Murtaza Adeeb

Dr.Murtaza Adeeb   Hip Pain in a young adult is not very common. It may initially present as low back pain or even pain in the knee. Pain originating in the hip joint will eventually localize in the groin area and the hip will become quite stiff. It can be quite debilitating. One of the common causes of hip pain in a young adult is AVN. This condition is basically destruction of the hip joint as a result of decreased blood circulation [...]


Total Knee Replacement (TKR) by – Dr.Murtaza Adeeb

Dr.Murtaza Adeeb   Total Knee Replacement (TKR) TKR is done for patients with severe arthritis or wear and tear of the knee joint. The results of this operation are quite good and certainly improve quality of life. Common Questions about Total Knee Replacement Surgery: 1. When should I have surgery 2. Who should perform my surgery 3. Where should I undergo the operation 4. Which implant should I choose 5. Newer developments 1.WHEN The right time to consider having TKR is when yr knee pain has become unbearable. You should [...]

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