Newer Advances in Total Knee Replacement Surgery by – Dr.Murtaza Adeeb

Dr.Murtaza Adeeb Total Knee Replacement [TKR] surgery has become quite common nowadays. This operation is being done for over 4 decades now and there have been tremendous improvements through the years. The design has undergone quite a few changes and material quality has improved. The manufacturing process has also been streamlined and the sterilization processes have been refined. Operative techniques have been honed in and surgeons are better trained now. So the question now is that, is there room for further improvement? The [...]


Angiography Procedure

About cardiac catheterisation and cardiac angiography  Non-invasive tests can provide a lot of valuable information about the heart. However, sometimes it is not possible to make important decisions about a patient’s treatment unless a test called cardiac catheterisation is performed. Cardiac catheterisation, also known as coronary angiography gives vital information about the blood pressure inside your heart, and how well the pumping chambers and valves are working. Most importantly, it shows whether there are any narrowing in the coronary arteries and [...]


Angioplasty Procedure

WHAT IS ANGIOPLASTY?  Angioplasty is a type of Percutaneous Intervention but the two terms are often used to talk about the same procedure. Angioplasty is much like an angiogram procedure. It is also done in the catheterization lab or “cath lab”. It is a procedure used to widen the narrowing in the arteries of your heart without open surgery. In an angioplasty, a catheter with a small inflatable balloon attached is positioned within the narrowed section of the artery. When the [...]

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