About Doctor

Name: Dr. Chaitanyanand. B. Koppiker

Specialised Training

Through fellowships at various centres and workshops

  • M.B.B.S,1982 University of Pune,
  • India. MS (General Surgery) 1986, University of Pune, India.

Maharashtra Medical Council. India (Reg. No 49976)

Membership In
  • Association of Breast Surgery, UK
  • University of East Anglia (UEA), UK
  • Association of Breast Surgeons of India
  • The Mumbai Oncology Association

His Aim and Ambition

  • To establish Breast profession Clinics in Republic of country
  • To beat at gap the diagnosis and treatment of cancer
  • To support confirm comprehensive and integrated theory management centres for cancer that is that the priority of the hour
  • To form Oncoplastic Surgery as a speciality in Hospitals he follows in.

His Achievements

  • He Created a thorough bosom facility at Orchids Breast Health with Digital philosophy and ABVS
  • Have been gifted in Oncoplastic Breast methodology and ar movement them throughout the previous 5 years

Amby and by the coach for rehabilitative bosom surgery with Implants for the Mentor Republic of the nation. Have qualified a few specialists from Republic of the nation on Oncoplastic and rehabilitative bosom surgery.

Manufacturer Comprehensive growth work without precedent for Pune at the M. N. Budhrani Cancer Hospital along these lines at Jehangir doctor’s facility. As Director Ruby Hall Cancer focus manufacturer conventions and upheld observed the centre at holes the underlying year of its approval.

Built up “Bosom Cancer Unit” are prepared in and have done biopsies misuse guided methods – struct and Mammotome biopsies since the most recent three years. The mammotomy would potentially even be a PC guided test to attempt and do bosom biopsies. A Mammotome examine is typically done on Associate in Nursing tolerant premise with an area analgesic.

Administration and foundation of strategies for non-tangible sores of the bosom without precedent for Pune and appearance into this from 1995.

Have performed and built up a convention for Conservative CA Breast surgeries since 1994 and have performed very one thousand such techniques until date.

Made a convention for “Quickened PARTIAL BREAST IRRADIATION”. Have aggregated thirty-five patients for Associate in Nursing associated at interims the last an endeavour of years.

Passed on an address ” Incorporating Oncoplastic procedures in Practice” at the ASBD Oncoplastic workshop” at the city.

He Has performed watcher Node measure systems since the most recent 3 years once auxiliary my self through conclusion axillary leeway at holes the essential thirty cases.

Aptitude in building Cryotherapy, Radiofrequency removal, & corridor catheterization offices

Administration of liver tumours through Cryotherapy, Radiofrequency removal and supply route catheterization once selective work from Australia and land. I start these surgeries at interims the nation and led shifted workshops in Republic of a provincial.

HAVE BEEN the man of science in different INTERNATIONAL CLINICAL TRIALS. (According to joined annexure)

He Established tube get to bunch abuse long as access systems.

Manufacturer disease bolsters groups Associate in Nursingd related association “Prashanti Cancer Care Mission”.

Have created totally completely different INTERNATIONAL AND NATIONAL shows ON the subject and written SOME PAPERS.


Bosom Cancer (BC) frequency is alarmingly on the expansion with new cases recognized crosswise over totally extraordinary ages, financial and urban-rustic strata. This unwellness is accomplishment Associate in Nursing urban and youthful profile with a pinnacle rate around forty-five years. “Early location” remains the preeminent vital system to counter this fearsome unwellness. In any case, the absence of mindfulness in women in regards to bosom reflexion as well as standard mammographic screening brings about carelessness and overrated delay in recognizable proof.

In his introduction, Dr. Koppiker will give a 360-degree perspective of the multimodal idea of Breast Cancer administration. This will incorporate the significance of fit ways of life, quiet self-examinations to normal mammography screening, progressed indicative and surgical alternatives, directed chemotherapy, and radiation treatment designs, post-strategies cautiousness, and patient restoration. Most recent worldwide points of view on Breast disease administration will be advanced opposite the Indian situation.

He will likewise share some critical developing and future worldwide patterns in Clinical practice and also translational biomedical research on Breast Cancer. Despite the contemporary medicinal advances, upgrading the standard of a lifetime of influenced patients and survivors has been an in the not too distant past unaddressed space in carcinoma administration.

Very surprising modalities that alleviate the mental injury identified with assignment and bosom evacuation surgery are specified. The discussions will underline the significance of comprehensive care in dealing with the disease with strong help for joining of the clinical solution with deductively substantial standards from the information of reciprocal and routine with regards to medication.

Dr. Koppiker would then be able to discourse his commitments to the battle against carcinoma in Bharat through his multi-corrective include clinical watch (i.e., putting in of focal point of magnificence for Breast Oncoplastic Surgery and Treatment in Pune, India), training (i.e., starting a world school of Oncoplastic Surgery in relationship with geographic district University, UK) and therapeutic claim to fame investigation (i.e., tradition restorative forte consortiums for change of area inquire about).


Varied Articles at intervals the Papers and at intervals the Readers Digest and place along the Week On Breast Oncoplastic Surgery and Latest Diagnostic Techniques In cancer

Citadel Honours for outstanding contribution at intervals the world of medication in Pune town


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