Significance of Tummy Time

Parents always give importance to a milestone like crawling and sitting. Before this child should meet the physical milestone [...]

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Ramadan is a special time of worship for Muslims. The thirty day period of fasting can be challenging with [...]

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Safe Fasting With Diabetes

Ramadan Is a great opportunity to break the chains of bad eating habits. What we eat outside our fasting [...]

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Unicondylar Knee Replacement – Dr. Dhariwal Qaedjohar

Total knee replacement is an excellent surgery. It has evolved over the decades to become one of the most [...]

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Complex Hip Replacement Revision Surgery by Dr.Murtaza Adeeb

Dr.Murtaza Adeeb Complex Hip Replacement Revision Surgery brings back mobility to 46-year-old Doctor Pune 5 February 2019: A complex hip replacement [...]

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Multiple Finger Re-Implants | Dr.Sumit Saxena

Dr. Sumit Saxena, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon from Inamdar Hospital re-implants Multiple fingers. Multiple fingers re-implants that too at a [...]

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Oral Submucous Fibrosis (OSMF) by – Dr. Pramanik Namrata

It is a chronic, complex, pre-malignant condition of oral cavity in which there is inflammatory reaction and progressive fibrosis [...]

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Dry Needling Technique to Recover Fast From Running Injuries- by Dr. Darshita Fatnani

Are Running injuries interfering with your performance? Dry needling will help you to recover fast. Achilles tendonitis is the [...]

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Mouth Breathing and Tooth Decay by Dr. Pramanik Namrata

People who sleep with their mouth open are more prone to dental caries. Saliva/spit coats the teeth to prevent [...]

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How to Choose a Mouthwash by Dr. Pramanik Namrata

Though it may seem that all mouthwashes are the same, they are not! There are 2 major categories of mouthwashes-cosmetic [...]