Author - Dr.Anand Tiwari

What is leptospira? by – Dr.Anand Tiwari

 What is leptospira?                                 It is a bacterial disease, caused by bacteria leptospira, spread through the urine of infected animals Most commonly spread through rodents like rats, mice Most common in warm climates In developing country like India-most commonly affects farmers Transmitted by water /soil contaminated by urine of infected animals coming in contact with  breaks in skin, eyes, mouth, nose   What are the presenting symptoms? Incubation period i.e  the time from infection to symptom onset   is: 7-12 days some infected people may have no symptoms disease may [...]


All Cold, Flu and Sore Throat is not H1N1

Common cold is most often diagnosed by person himself. Most commonly occurs in winter. It is self limiting in most patient primary caused by viral infection and affects the nose, throat, sinuses and larynx (voice box). Patient may develop symptoms in short incubation period within 2 days of viral infection. Symptoms include coughing, sneezing, sore throat, headache and fever. Recovery of the person occurs within 7 to 10 days. Any adult can get infection through air droplets from infected person or through [...]

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