Half Knee Replacement – Part 1 By Dr. Qaedjohar Dhariwal

Total Knee Replacement is an excellent surgery. It has evolved over the decades to become one of the most successful procedures in all of medicine. Patients are cured of pain and disability. They regain their ability to walk normally, without a limp or support. They can resume living normal lives again. Without surgery, they are stuck in a rut of suffering and handicap with a lifelong dependency on kidney destroying medicines. However, total knee replacement comes with a bag of [...]

Here’s a Brilliant Way to Mention the Complications of Diabetes Mellitus – II

“Wounds that don’t heal Nerves that don’t feel. No food I can eat at ease What a disease I have” — Diabetes!   Specialists call me by another name like Tripathy As I induce painless or painful nerves, Neuropathy And also vandalise the vast vascular network, Vasculopathy Before I damage the camera of the eye, Retinopathy.   It is not due to what you eat, katta or meeta, But as your lifeboat wrecks on the Islets of Langerhans Even though you feel secure with the insulin of Best & Banting Alas! the [...]

Painless Total Knee Replacement By Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Qaedjohar Dhariwal

Total Knee Replacement is a highly successful surgery. Patients disabled with knee pain who can barely walk on their deformed legs underwent a dramatic transformation after the surgery. They experience complete relief from pain and complete correction of the deformity. After surgery, they don’t need painkillers. They can walk normally without a stick or walker and at a normal pace. However, the surgery is a major procedure involving cutting of muscle and bone. This leads to a slow and painful [...]


This term was coined by Dr.Raja Satpathy, a plastic surgeon at Ganga hospital, Coimbatore along with Dr. Ravindra Bhat an anesthesiologist. What do you mean by “Block on arrival”?? Everyone wants freedom from Pain. Pain relief is a basic human right. Pain is also considered as the fifth vital sign in modern medicine. So if any patient has the history of fall and suffers from fracture then he is presented as pain at the site of injury along with difficulty in [...]