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Sinusitis and Tooth Pain by Dr. Pramanik Namrata

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the cavities(sinus spaces)  present around the nose. In cases of acute sinusitis , most [...]

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What is tartar? by Dr. Pramanik Namrata

Tartar is a hardened layer of plaque that forms on the teeth. Plaque is a biofilm of bacteria present on [...]

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Bow Legs by – Dr. Sameer Desai

Bow Legs is a very common condition seen in toddlers. When the legs are brought together then there is [...]

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Why do gums bleed? by – DR. Pramanik Namrata

The most common cause of bleeding gums is gingivitis i.e. inflammation of the gums. When plaque is allowed to [...]

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Liver Transplantation by Dr Harshal Rajekar

Dr. Harshal Rajekar Liver transplantation is the replacement of a diseased liver with a healthy liver allograft. The most commonly [...]

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Liver Cancer by Dr. Harshal Rajekar

Dr. Harshal Rajekar It is estimated that liver diseases are among the top ten killer diseases in India, causing lakhs [...]

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HPB Surgery by -Dr Harshal Rajekar   

Dr.Harshal Rajekar   The myth Prometheus enraged the Gods after climbing the Mount Olympus and stealing the torch in order to give [...]

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What is leptospira? by – Dr.Anand Tiwari

 What is leptospira?                                 It is a bacterial disease, caused by bacteria leptospira, spread through the urine of infected animals Most [...]

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How to Celebrate Safe Diwali? – Dr.Ujjwal Bhambare

One of India’s biggest festivals, Diwali brings with itself an unmatchable excitement and celebratory spirit. However, in recent years, [...]

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Newer Advances in Total Knee Replacement Surgery by – Dr.Murtaza Adeeb

Dr.Murtaza Adeeb Total Knee Replacement [TKR] surgery has become quite common nowadays. This operation is being done for over 4 [...]